SAS Election Winner Profiles 2020





Andrew Whitley


Andrew’s (AW) career has focused on spectroscopy. He is currently the VP for Business Development at HORIBA in NJ, where he has worked since 2000. His qualifications include a PhD Chemistry, University of Durham, UK. AW has been active with SAS and FACSS since he moved to the US. He has authored many papers, articles and book chapters describing the use of spectroscopy. He is a regular presenter and session organizer at SciX, Pittcon, IFPAC and other global conferences. At SciX, AW has organized sessions on many spectroscopic topics. In 2018 AW became the Marketing Chair for SAS, responsible for Membership, Publicity, and Web and was awarded the Mann Award by FACSS. Recently AW has focused on the development of analysis methods for microplastics (MP’s). In 2019 he co-organized a major workshop on MP’s at SCCWRP in CA, organized two special SAS sessions MP’s at SciX, and is now an associate editor for a special issue of AS on MP’s. AW is an SAS At-Large Elected Governing Board Delegate.





Ian Lewis


Ian R. Lewis is the current Secretary of SAS. He has been a member of SAS since 1992, served as president of the Detroit section (multiple occasions), Society President in 2014, chair of several SAS National committees, delegate to the GB, a liaison between FACSS & SAS, member of the Executive committee, a tour speaker and Co-editor of the 60th Anniversary Special Issue of Appl. Spectroscopy. He is a Fellow of SAS (2011) and received SAS’s Distinguished Service Award (2018). In parallel he has served other spectroscopy organizations.

He obtained his degree in Chemistry and Chemical Technology at the University of Bradford in 1989, his Ph.D. in 1992 under Professors Tony Johnson and Howell Edwards, and then was appointed as an Honorary Visiting Researcher. He postdoc-ed in Professor Peter Griffiths lab while also consulting on the application of Raman spectroscopy to several industrial companies. In 1996 he joined Kaiser Optical Systems and is currently Director of Marketing.


Governing Board Delegates


Rina Dukor


Rina Dukor is the President & CEO of BioTools. Rina received Ph.D. in physical chemistry from University of Illinois, Chicago in 1991. Upon graduation, she joined Amoco (now Abbvie) and while in industry pioneered the introduction of aqueous IR spectroscopy to the biopharmaceutical industry and development of reflection infrared micro- spectroscopy for cancer diagnostics. And by bringing VCD to the market, Rina helped cement the use of VCD by major pharmaceutical companies. Rina has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed papers; several review chapters and is a holder of four patents. She is a recipient of several prestigious scientific Awards and serves on academic and commercial Boards including the Board of Visitors for LAS College at UIC and Scripps Florida. Rina began to volunteer for the Society during her graduate school education and over the last 20 plus years has served the Society in many capacities including President, Board Member, Focal Point Editor & numerous committees.



Michael Epstein


I am currently a Research Chemist and Quality Manager for the Chemical Sciences Division at NIST. I was an associate professor of chemistry at Mount Saint Mary's University for 12 years and prior to that working for 30 years in the area of atomic and molecular spectroscopy, involved in the certification of approximately 200 Standard Reference Materials. I have been a member of SAS since 1974 and my activities in SAS have included at the national level: Conference committee chairman (1983); Treasurer (1984-1986); Videotape Education Program founder and coordinator (1983-1985); Editor, The SAS Spectrum Newsletter (1996-1998); and at the local Baltimore/Washington Section level: Education Program coordinator (1985,1989-1990); Secretary (1979-81); Treasurer (1981); Chairman-elect (1982-83); Chairman (1983-84); Delegate to the National SAS Governing Board (various years); webpage editor (1997 to the present time). Several years ago I received the SAS Distinguished Service Award.



Karen Esmonde-White


Karen Esmonde-White she earned her BS in Chemistry from Wheeling Jesuit University (1997), an MS in Chemistry (1999) and an M.Eng (2004) in Pharmaceutical Engineering from the University of Michigan. She currently is Food & Beverage Product Manager at Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. Karen volunteers for professional societies, including the Society for Applied Spectroscopy and the Coblentz Society, serves as an ad hoc reviewer for several clinical and biomedical optics journals, and for FACSS. Karen is the 2019-2022 FACSS/SciX Marketing Chair. Karen has served as the Biomedical Program chair for the 2013-2017 SciX conference and was Program Chair for the 2018 SciX conference. She has served SAS as a member of the Governing Board (2016-current), Awards Committee (2009-2011, chair 2010, 2016-current), Meggers Award Committee (2012), Nominating Committee (2012-2014) and Tellers Committee (2013-2014, chair) and is eager to continue serve the Society as a Governing Board member.


Michael George


Mike George received his PhD in 1990 from The University of Nottingham in UK. Following a Royal Society STA Fellowship at Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology (KAST) in Tokyo Japan he was appointed at Nottingham as an Experimental Officer in 2003. He was promoted to Lecturer, Reader and in 2003 he was appointed to his current position as Professor of Chemistry. His research interests lie in Physical Inorganic Chemistry with particular emphasis on conventional and Time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy to elucidate reaction pathways and material properties and to undertake new chemistry. His work is summarized in more than 340 papers. His work has been recognized by several awards including recently the 2018 United Nations UNIDO Bronze Award for Research in Chemical Leasing and 2016 Meggers Award (SAS). He is an Associate Editor of Applied Spectroscopy and currently joint chair of the Molecular Spectroscopy SciX Sessions (2018-present).



Yukihiro Ozaki


Yukihiro Ozaki obtained his Ph.D in 1978 from Osaka University. After spending at NRC, Canada and Jikei University School of Medicine he moved to Kwansei Gakuin University in 1989. Since 1993 he was a professor in School of Science and Technology until the end of March, 2018. Currently, Ozaki is a professor emeritus of Kwansei Gakuin University.

His research programs have been concerned with basic studies and applications of far-ultraviolet (FUV), near-infrared (NIR), far-infrared (FIR)/Terahertz, and Raman spectroscopy. His spectroscopy research covers from basic studies of spectroscopy such as a theory of plasmon-enhanced Raman scattering, the development of new types of instruments to applications involving those to biomedical sciences, polymers, and nano materials.

He received several awards including Bomem-Michelson Award (2014), Chemical Society of Japan Award (2017), The Medal with Purple Ribbon (2018), and Pittsburg Spectroscopy Award (2019).