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Committee appointments 2018
Chair Mark Hayes
Chair elect James Patterson
Member Richard Crocombe

Constitution and Bylaws

Chair (President elect) Rob Lascola
Member (Past President) Greg Klunder
Member Mike Carrabba

Section affairs

Coordinator Gloria Story
Member Jay Kitt
Member Prasoon Diwaker
Coordinator Ingeborg Iping Petterson
Member Cindy Gong
Member David Bryce

Chair (Past-President) Greg Klunder
Member Alex Scheeline
Member John Wasylyk
Member Katherine Bakeev
Member Ben Manard

Tour Speaker
Coordinator 2018 Ken Marcus
Coordinator 2019 Linda Kidder Yarlott
Coordinator 2020 Jacob Shelley

Chair Laura Bush
Chair elect David Hahn
Past-chair Dave McCurdy
Member - 2yrs Rebecca Airmet
Member-2 yrs Emily Smith

Chair Andrew Whitley
Membership Chair Ingeborg Iping Petterson
Web Chair Lynn Zhang
Newsletter Editor Shawn Chen
Member David Bryce
Member Scott Rudder

Chair Andy Schwartz
Member Shawna Tazik
Member William Wang

Meggers Award
Chair Volker Dekert
Chair -elect Peter Vandenabeele
Member S. Michael Angel
Editor in chief Mike Blades
Editor Sergei Kazarian

Lester Strock Award
Chair Ben Manard
Chair-elect Shiv Sharma
NE Section member New England to Appoint

Lippincott Award
Member Karen Faulds
Member 2-Yrs Jean Francois-Masson

Fellows Committee 
Chair Steve Ray
Chair-elect Isao Noda
Member Karen Faulds

Editor Shawn Chen
Member Rachel Masyuko
Member Mark Mabry

Chair Karl Booksh
Chair-Elect Jay Powell
Member Ellen Miseo
Member Bonnie Saylor

Long range planning
Chair Greg Klunder
Member EllenMiseo
Member Rohith Reddy
Member Mike to Appoint
Member Sergei Kazarian
Executive Director Bonnie Saylor

Web Committee
Chair Lynn Zhang
Member Daniel Willett
Member Mustafa Unal
Executive Director Bonnie Saylor

FACSS Delegates
Past President Greg Klunder
President Mike Carrabba
President elect Rob Lascola


Last Modified: Jul 16, 2018