Brianna Cassidy



Stephanie DeJong



Shawna Tazik



Alicia Fessler


Faculty Advisor:

Stephen Morgan




About our section:

The University of South Carolina Student Chapter of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy began January of this year. The chapter has since held four meetings and has focused its efforts on facilitating student involvement in the department (and ultimately the larger scientific community) through service opportunities, social events, and plans to invite speakers to address both our group and interested members of the campus. Currently, all group members are graduate students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at USC, but we are working toward incorporating more members at the undergraduate level as well as from other departments.



Summary of last section event:

Our most recent section event occurred on March 7th during the Senior Graduate Student Achievement and Poster Competition for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at USC. With the assistance of the competition organizers, our chapter recruited professors to judge all spectroscopy-related submissions and recognize the best poster presentation with a $50 award. This event was executed beautifully and allowed our chapter to both encourage spectroscopy research and create awareness of our budding organization.



Summary of next section event:

We will be offering opportunities for incoming chemistry and biochemistry graduate students to interact with the USC SAS Student Chapter. These opportunities will allow new students to get to know one another, gain advice from current graduate students, and learn about opportunities with the USC SAS Student Chapter.