Society for Applied Spectroscopy Emeritus Membership Award


Recognizing those individuals who have who have contributed to spectroscopy and have been members of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy for 15 years, and now have retired from active scientific endeavor.

S. Roy Koirtyohann was born Sept 11, 1930, the seventh of nine children by Earl and Carrie Koirtyohann. He was raised on their farm near Washington MO and graduated from Washington High School in 1949. He enrolled in the University of Missouri (MU) that fall, majoring in Agricultural Chemistry and became like the bad penny that could not be thrown away for MU. After graduation in 1953 he was on active duty in the army for two years before returning to MU for a Master’s Degree under E. E. Pickett. He then worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for four years before returning to MU once more for the PhD and a faculty position.
His research activities resulted in nearly 100 publications in journals such as Applied Spectroscopy, Analytical Chemistry, and Spectro Chimica Acta as well many oral presentations at national and international conferences. Accomplishments include measurement of the free atom fraction for analytes in flames, identification of the cause for background problems in flames used for AA, and invention of continuum source background correction in AA.
He became active in the St. Louis SAS section while in graduate school. As his career progressed he became a very active participant and organizer for conferences such as FACSS which included SAS as a sponsor. He was SAS President in 1990.
He retired in 1995 after 32 years on the MU faculty. Roy and his wife, Laura, then moved to their 165 acre farm (Roy’s playground) and started collecting, restoring, and showing antique agricultural equipment. Caring for the farm eventually got to be too much and they moved to a modest house on 5 acres a few miles North of Columbia, MO. Roy still tinkers with the remnants of his collection and does some gardening. Both he and Laura remain in good health for their age. On March 7th, 2016 they celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary.