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New England Section of SAS


Interim Co-Chairs 2017-2018:  Vincent Lee

                                                      Rohith Reddy

                                                      Noel Casey

Secretary:   Open Position

Treasurer:   Suzanne Schreyer 

Website:     Noel Casey


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About our section:

The New England Section of the SAS holds meetings typically once each month September to May. Meetings include a social hour, dinner, and a speaker. Many meetings are held in Chelmsford, MA although on occasion are in other locations such as Billerica, MA or Manchester, NH. With a wide array of chemical industry in the geographic area including instrument companies biotech plus many colleges and universities, we are lucky to have a large pool from which to find speakers.

Current Events:

February 2018

Dear NESAS Members,

Our next NESAS meeting will be next Tuesday (February 6th) and will feature a talk by our own Dr. Richard Crocombe on "Handheld Vibrational Spectroscopy: The Present and the Future".  See the attached announcement for more information. 

This meeting will be located at 110 Grill, 116 Chelmsford Street, Chelmsford, MA 01824

Please RSVP to vincentlee@nesas.org by 5pm Monday, February 5th if you plan to attend the meeting. Thank you.

Vincent Lee

Noel Casey

February 6th 2018 NESAS Meeting Announcement

January 2018

Spectroscopists Helping Spectroscopists

Imagine yourself working and one of these disasters occurs,

  • suddenly the power fails
  • ordering a reagent, expecting two-day delivery and it takes two weeks to arrive
  • in the middle of the summer you walk into the lab and the air conditioning is broken
  • an instrument to run a critical experiment and find it is not functioning.

Everyone has encountered at least one of these setbacks. Now imagine it all happens at once, to the entire lab, the building, the institution, the entire territory and the resources to fix the problems have vanished.

That situation is dire.

This is the situation our colleagues are facing in Puerto Rico, particularly at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (UPRM). They have tested and modified plans over decades and implemented the preparations. Hurricane Maria was a direct hit to island infrastructure. We have heard on the news about the disruption of personal lives, but very little reaches us on the disruption to education and science. The impact on education and science is deeper and will last much longer.

With no support services for the labs for almost three months, the tropical environment has destroyed instrumentation. Students who would normally be conducting research for their own education and to further grants are distracted by fundamental needs in their families and communities. UPRM does not have immediate access to the resources required to rebuild the laboratory. These are already prioritized for the community. Claims to the insurance companies will take a long time to pay out. There will be lasting effects, impacting education, research, and the broader economy.

Help is needed and the Spectroscopy Community is already demonstrating the will to step in. We all recognize that doing science is a team effort; so is helping our colleagues recover from such devastation.

The Society for Applied Spectroscopy and the Coblentz Society, in cooperation with our industrial partners, is mounting a campaign to provide resources to ensure that science and education continues at UPRM. This is in keeping with the mission of both Societies and hearkens back to our founding ideas of mutual aid.

Please join in and consider how you and your organization can help.

Can you provide access to equipment to run experiments? Can you run some samples and provide data? Can you make monetary donations to support travel to a lab that has functioning equipment? Are you qualified to donate time to repair instruments? Think about how you can help.

Without this support, students will return to their communities with unfinished educations and their future prospects will be stunted.

Visit http://www.coblentz.org/Membership/spectroscopists-helping-spectroscopists to make a donation or register if you can help in other ways.


December 2017

Hi Everyone,

Our next NESAS meeting will be Wednesday, December 6 and will feature a talk by Dr. Wenlong Yang
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Harvard University on "Stimulated Raman Scattering: Instrumentation and Applications".  See the attached announcement for more detailed information on the speaker, the talk, and directions. 


This meeting will be at 14 Floor Charles River & Fenway, Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142.

See Google Map Link

Please RSVP if you plan to attend the meeting by sending an email to NESAS Co-Chair Vincent Lee (vincentlee@nesas.org). Thanks!


NESAS Co-Chairs 2017-2018


Vincent Lee
Rohith Reddy 
Noel Casey

NESAS Meeting Announcement December 6 2017.pdf


October 2017

Hi Everyone,

Our next NESAS meeting will be Wednesday, October 18 and will feature a talk by Professor Bryan Spring (Northeastern University) on "New optical approaches to identification and selective treatment of cancer".  See the attached announcement for more detailed information on the speaker, the talk, and directions. 


This meeting will be at Cambridge Innovation Center, Venture Café Kendall,1 Broadway, 5th Floor, Havana Room, Cambridge, MA 02142.


Please RSVP by Monday, October 16 if you plan to attend the meeting by sending an email to NESAS Co-Chair Vincent Lee (vincentlee@nesas.org). Thanks!


NESAS Co-Chairs 2017-2018


Vincent Lee
Rohith Reddy 
Noel Casey

NESAS Meeting Announcement October 18 2017.pdf


October 2016

New England Section Society for Applied Spectroscopy

Announcement for “Spectroscopy on the Cutting Edge” Seminar







Wed, October 26th, 2016

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Cambridge Innovation Center

1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142


Spectroscopy is the science of understanding how light interacts with materials. Previously it was a technique that was based in a laboratory and used by trained spectroscopists. But recently the technology is moving out of the laboratory and addressing problems of health and food safety.


Come join us and listen to two local scientists discuss the use of spectroscopy in these areas. Dr. Rohith Reddy from Massachusetts General Hospital will discuss Tethered Capsule Endomicroscopy for Barrett’s esophagus screening, and Dr. Anshuman Das from the MIT Media Lab will discuss using micro-spectrometers for point-of-care and point-of-analysis applications. They will be joined by Mr. Dana Hinckley of Hamamatsu, who will discuss the miniaturization technology that makes these advances possible. We will also have on hand some of the Hamamatsu devices for our audience to see and use.


This program is co-sponsored by the Society for Applied Spectroscopy and Hamamatsu Corporation. Appetizers and beverages will be served.



Dr. Rohith Reddy from Massachusetts General Hospital recently received the 2016 FACSS Innovation Award, which is given to the most innovative research presented at SciX 2016. The award was in recognition of his work on an inexpensive medical device for Barrett’s esophagus screening.


Dr. Anshuman Das from the MIT Media Lab was recognized as one of the 2016 MedTech Boston Under 40 Healthcare Innovators. The award recognizes him for his work on portable healthcare devices, including a low-cost ELISA plate reader for point-of-care diagnostic applications and a portable food-contamination sensor.


Spectroscopy on the Cutting Edge Seminar October 26th 2016.pdf


September 2016

NESAS Members and Supporters,
Our first meeting of 2016-17 will be Tuesday, September 13th at the 110 Grill in Chelmsfordm MA. Our speaker will be Dr. Jonathan Kenny from Tufts University.  He will be speaking about "Using Multidimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy to Address Problems in Analytical and Physical Chemistry"
The meeting announcement with additional information about the speaker, the talk, and the dinner are in the link below.
As in the past, please RSVP to mdonais@anselm.edu if you plan to attend.  Hope to see you on Tuesday September 13th!

Previous Events:


May, 2016


May National Tour Speaker Dinner Meeting and Annual Student Research Presentations        


Dr. S. Michael Angel 
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of South Carolina



UV Raman Spectroscopy Using a Spatial Heterodyne Raman Spectrometer: Planetary 
Exploration and On-Line Applications


NESAS January 2016 Dinner Meeting.pdf


February, 2016        



Michael Hargreaves
Senior Manager R& D
Thermo Scientific (Portable Analytical Instruments)



Advances in Handheld FTIR & Raman Analyzers


NESAS February 2016 Dinner Meeting.pdf

January, 2016    



John Jayne
Vice President, Instrument Systems Development and Production
Co-Director, Center for Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry
Aerodyne Research Inc.



Advances in Mass Spectrometry with Applications in Atmospheric Chemistry


NESAS January 2016 Dinner Meeting.pdf

December, 2015



Brendan Connors
Senior Scientist at SciAps, Inc.



Advances in Field-Portable Handheld LIBS Analyzers


NESAS December 2015 Dinner Meeting.pdf

October, 2015    



Alex Scheeline        
President, SpectroClick Inc.        
Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Handheld Spectrometers, and the Legacy of Howard Malmstadt


NESAS October 2015 Dinner Meeting.pdf

September, 2015



Barbara Marshik        
MKS Instruments
Andover, MA



Real-Time Siloxanes Measurements and Biogas Process Control Monitoring using On-Line FTIR at Digester and Landfill Sites


NESAS September 2015 Dinner Meeting.pdf

May, 2015

Our featured speaker for the evening of May 6th was Dr. Paul Bohn, Arthur J. Schmitt Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame. He is this year’s national SAS Tour Speaker for our section. Dr. Bohn spoke on “Correlated Chemical Imaging: Confocal Raman Microscopy and Mass Spectrometric Imaging Applied to Infectious Diseases and Cancer Biology”. The meeting was held on the campus of Saint Anselm College (Manchester, NH) with a student poster session, followed by a dinner and the speaker.


March, 2015

The speaker at our last meeting in March was Kerin Gregory of 908 Devices. She discussed the technical innovations that were necessary for her organization to provide a fully functional mass spectrometer with a footprint of approximately the size of an LCD projector.


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