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Given the current COVID-19 outbreak, we hope that all our members are staying healthy and safe. The SAS Executive Committee and Governing Board know these are trying times, as many members are facing multiple and unforeseen changes in life, and for some, this may include job loss. SAS continues to work for our members, and we hope our resources, including the Journal, membership directory for networking, education and training programs, job link, etc., will provide some assistance. Do not hesitate to reach out to Bonnie Saylor, SAS Executive Director at exdir@s-a-s.org for assistance with these resources. More information regarding the added support that SAS is providing in response to COVID-19 will follow in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your membership in SAS. Please stay safe and healthy!  

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In-person SCIX 2020 Cancelled

FACSS has announced that the 2020 in-person SciX conference, SAS’s national meeting, has been cancelled. SAS fully understands the reason for the cancellation, and we will be working with FACSS and our members to provide novel online content to address the needs of the spectroscopic community during these challenging times.

SAS traditionally has a number of events at SciX, including an Awards ceremony, and we will be back in touch over the next month with details on how we intend to move forward. More information can be found at https://scixconference.org/ 


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SAS Officer Elections May 18-June 26, 2020

SAS non-student members in good sanding may cast their votes beginning May 18. Watch your email for voting instructions. Click 'Read More" below to access candidate profiles.  

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SAS National Meeting During SciX 2020 in Sparks, Nevada

Join SAS during SciX 2020 in Sparks, Nevada October 11-16, 2020! Be part of our member networking social events, sponsored sessions, and awards. Submit your papers, posters, or conference registration today!

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We can't be everywhere so we need you to tell us about upcoming events, awards and recognitions, exciting things in spectroscopy, etc. so we can keep our website and social media up to date. Submit something today!

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Did you know?

In 1954 a number of spectroscopists, recognizing the existence of several regional societies of spectroscopists, organized a committee to promote a stronger exchange of information among these societies.  The efforts of this committee resulted in the formation of the Federation of Spectroscopic Societies on March 1, 1956 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

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Senior Spectroscopist


Successful completion of a doctoral degree in chemistry or a related STEM program with a focus on spectroscopy from an accredited college or university, and at least five (5) years of full-time equivalent professional experience* after degree, OR at least ten (10) years of professional experience* after completion of the minimum education requirements for certification (qualifying bachelor’s degree or completion of required coursework in post-baccalaureate courses). The committee may consider experience over education in its review.




Successful completion of a master’s or higher degree in chemistry or a related STEM program with a focus on spectroscopy from an accredited college or university and at least two (2) years of full-time equivalent professional experience* after degree; OR at least five (5) years of professional experience* in addition to the education requirement for Associate Spectroscopist; The committee may consider experience over education in its review.


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About the Journal 

Applied Spectroscopy is one of the world's leading spectroscopy journals, publishing high-quality articles, both fundamental and applied, covering all aspects of spectroscopy. Established in 1948, the journal is owned by the Society for Applied Spectroscopy and is published monthly. The journal is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the Society to “…advance and disseminate knowledge and information concerning the art and science of spectroscopy and other allied sciences.”  All manuscripts are rigorously peer-reviewed. Learn More about the Applied Spectroscopy Journal.


Current Issue: Volume 74 Issue 5

Sample Paper: Influence of Gamma Ray Irradiation on the Optical Properties of Calcite and Dolomite The class of carbonaceous chondrite meteorites has carbon in their structures, similarly to the terrestrial calcite and dolomite rocks, and contains the group =CO3 linked to Ca and/or Mg, which may be, in principle, more susceptible to the action of the spatial gamma radiation (γ–R) due to the presence of these light-atom elements. On the present work, we used a variety of optical techniques to investigate the possible effects of γ–R produced by an artificial 192Ir source in terrestrial calcite and dolomite, which may allow to understand the effect of the spatial radiation in that celestial bodies of the solar system.

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