Pittcon 2013

Pittcon 2013

Come meet your fellow SAS members at Pittcon 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania March 17-21. 

Stop by SAS booth #2003 and see what's new at your professional society.

Don't forget to attend the highly anticipated symposia sponsored by SAS:

Wednesday, March 20
SYMPOSIUM Session 1650
SAS - Vibrational Spectroscopy of Biological Systems: From Fundamental Studies to
Clinical Practice
arranged by Bruce Chase, University of Delaware and Joel M Harris, University of Utah
Wednesday Morning, Room 119B
Bruce Chase, University of Delaware, Presiding
8:00 Introductory Remarks - Bruce Chase and Joel M Harris
8:05 (1650-1) Electrospun Fibers for Bio-Scaffolds: Vibrational Spectroscopy Meets Biology
BRUCE CHASE, University of Delaware, John F Rabolt
8:40 (1650-2) Infrared and Raman Microspectral Imaging of Human Cells and Tissues for Medical
Diagnostics MAX DIEM, Northeastern University
9:15 (1650-3) Raman Investigations of Nanoscale Biology
ZACHARY D SCHULTZ, University of Not re Dame
9:50 (1650-4) Theory and Simulation to Establish the Foundation of Vibrational Spectroscopic
Imaging for Cancer Pathology ROHIT BHARGAVA, University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign, Paul S Carney, Rohith Reddy, Kevin Yeh, Thomas van Dijk,
Matthew Schulmerich
10:25 (1650-5) Biomedical Research at the National Institutes of Health: A Vibrational
Spectroscopist’s Perspective IRA W LEVIN, Retired

SYMPOSIUM Session 1970
SAS - Elemental Analysis at the Nano Scale
arranged by Paul B Farnsworth, Brigham Young University
Wednesday Afternoon, Room 201B
Paul B Farnsworth, Brigham Young University, Presiding
2:00 Introductory Remarks - Paul B Farnsworth
2:05 (1970-1) Signal Processing Considerations for Single Particle Analysis by ICP-MS
PAUL B FARNSWORTH, Brigham Young University, Dennis Tolley, Alisa Edmund
2:40 (1970-2) ICP-MS for Nano- and Micro- Particle Analysis JOHN W OLESIK,
The Ohio State University
3:15 (1970-3) X-ray Fluorescence at the Nanoscale GEORGE J HAVRILLA, Los Alamos National
3:50 (1970-4) Studies on Particle or Droplet Plasma Interaction
DETLEF GĂśNTHER, ETH Zurich, Olga Borovinskaya, Sabrina Gschwind, Martin Tanner
4:25 (1970-5) Nanometer Scale Laser Plasma Spectrochemistry RICHARD E RUSSO,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Vassilia Zorba


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