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SAS Announces 2014 Tour Speaker Choices


All Regional, Technical, and Student sections of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy have been sent information on choosing speakers for the 2014 Tour Speaker Program. This popular program gives your section the opportunity to bring in top-notch speakers in the field at a low cost. The International office picks up the cost for the speaker's airfare making the section only responsible for hotel and local costs (e.g. food). We have an impressive number of speakers to choose from this year. Please review the speaker and topic choices below and contact your section officers to give your input so they can bring in speakers that you want to hear. They must respond with their choices by December 15 so don’t delay.


Here are this year's choices:


Mikhail Belkin – University of Texas, Austin

“Vibration Nanospectroscopy with Monolayer Sensitivity Via Molecular Force Detection”

Frank Bright – SUNY Buffalo

“Nanoscale Optosensing Platforms”

“Micro and Nanoscale Imaging”

Andrea Centrone – NIST

“Surface Enhanced Photothermal Induced Resonance (SE-PTIR): A New Method for Imaging near Field Hot Spots and Dark Plasmonic Modes” “Quantitative Chemical Imaging Beyond the Diffraction Limit with the Photothermal Induced Resonance (PTIR)”

Joe Chaiken – Syracuse

“Introducing Binary Spectronephelometry”

“Hunting the Deceitful Turkey: Recent Progress in Noninvasive In Vivo Blood and Tissue Analysis by Raman Spectroscopy”

Christopher Dreyer – Colorado School of Mines

“Spectroscopy in Combustion Research.”

“In Situ Optical Spectroscopy in Space Exploration. LIBS, Raman, UV Fluorescence, IR Absorption.”

“Spectroscopy of Ionic Liquid [EMIM][TFSI].”

“Hollow Waveguide Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy.“

Richard Hark - Juniata College

“Forensic and Geochemical Analysis Using Laser-Induced breakdown Spectroscopy”

“Spectroscopic Analysis of Pigments on Works of Art”

Dan Higgins – Kansas State University

"A Random Walk in the Dark: Following Single Molecules to a Better Understanding of Periodic Nanostructured Materials"

Glen Jackson – West Virginia University

“Forensic Case Report: Spectroscopic Methods Solve the Mystery About 37-year-old Suspected Trace Human Remains.”

“Forensic Applications of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry.”

Timothy Keiderling – University of Illinois

"Protein Folding Starting From the Ground Up. Thermodynamic and Kinetic Spectroscopic Studies of Conformations for Peptides and Proteins with Increasing Complexity."

Ian Lewis - Kaiser Optical Systems

“Shift Happens or Adventures with the Raman Effect”

Fred Long – Spectroscopic Solutions (New Jersey)

"Industrial Applications of Chemometrics & Spectroscopy"

Joe Loo – UCLA

“Protein Mass Spectrometry - As a General Topic.”

Mark Mabry, Rigaku Raman Technologies

“Incorporating Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) in Undergraduate Education”

“The Dependence of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Results on Soil Simulants Using Different Laser Energies and Timing Parameters” “Using Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (CVAAS) for Detection of Mercury in Natural Waterways in Berks County, PA”

Nada O’Brien – JDSU (Santa Rosa, CA)

“Recent Advances in Ultra-Compact Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Handheld Applications”

John Papanikolas – UNC Chapel Hill

“Visualizing Charge Carrier Dynamics in Individual Nanostructures Using Femtosecond Pump-Probe Microscopy”

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