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Three New Organic Scintillators with Large Stokes Shifts

Volume 51, Number 8 (Aug. 1997) Page 1193-1199

Barni, E.; Viscardi, G.; D'Ambrosio, C.; Leutz, H.; Puertolas, D.; Tailhardat, S.; Destruel, P.; Jolinat, P.; Gusten, H.

Three new organic scintillators (PMP-410, PMP470, and PMP480) were synthesized on the basis of 1-phenyl-3-mesityl-2-pyrazoline (PMP). Their synthesis and their polymerization in polystyrene are described. We measured their Stokes shifts in polystyrene (~ 1.3 eV) between their absorption maxima (PMP-410: 287 nm; PMP-470: 315 nm; PMP-480: 314 nm) and their emission maxima (PMP-410: 408 nm; PMP-470: 480 nm; PMP-480: 479 nm). Absorption and emission maxima, Stokes shifts, and light yields of all eight pyrazoline scintillators so far synthesized are listed and are compared with results for 3-hydroxyflavone (3-HF). The advantages of these one-component dopants are discussed with respect to the usually applied two-component (scintillator plus wavelength shifter) dopants.