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Evaporation and Condensation of SiO and SiO2 Studied by Infrared Spectroscopy

Volume 64, Number 3 (March 2010) Page 298-303

Klevenz, M.; Wetzel, S.; Möller, M.; Pucci, A.

Physical evaporation of SiO and SiO2 under ultra-high vacuum conditions was monitored in situ with infrared spectroscopy at frequencies between 450 cm−1 and 5000 cm−1. The measured vibrational spectra of the condensed films are identical in both cases, for SiO and SiO2 evaporation, and can be described with four Brendel oscillators located at 380 cm−1, 713 cm−1, 982 cm−1, and 1101 cm−1, corresponding to typical vibration modes in SiO.