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A Red-Emitting Phosphor and Its Luminescent Properties

Volume 64, Number 2 (Feb. 2010) Page 241-243

Cao, Fa-Bin; Chen, Yong-Jie; Tian, Yan-Wen; Li, Lang-Kai

Under 616 nm monitoring, excitation peaks at 395, 465, and 535 nm were observed for the red-emitting phosphor Li0.3Y0.82Mo0.1W0.9O4+δ: 0.08Eu3+ (LYMW), which was synthesized using the solid-state method. Particularly in the range of 250 to 420 nm, excited peaks can be assigned to the transitions of O2-→Mo6+/W6+/Eu3+ and four sharp peaks can be assigned to the 4f-4f transition of Eu3+ (∼360 nm from the 7F05D4 transition, ∼380 nm from the 7F05L7 transition, ∼395 nm from the 7F05L6 transition, and ∼415 nm from the 7F05D3 transition).