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Identification of Clay Minerals by Infrared Spectroscopy and Discriminant Analysis

Volume 64, Number 12 (Dec. 2010) Page 1379-1387


Identification of clay minerals based on chemometric analysis of measured infrared (IR) spectra was suggested. IR spectra were collected using the diffuse reflection technique. Discriminant analysis and principal component analysis were used as chemometric methods. Four statistical models were created for separation and identification of clay minerals. More than 50 samples of various clay mineral standards from different localities were used for the creation of statistical models. The results of this study confirm that the discriminant analysis of IR spectra of clay minerals could provide a powerful tool for identification of clay minerals. Differentiation of muscovite from illite and identification of mixed structures of illite– smectite were achieved.

Index Headings: Clay minerals; Identification; Infrared spectroscopy; IR spectroscopy; Discriminant analysis; DA; Principal component analysis; PCA.