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Two-Dimensional Imaging of Water Vapor by Near-Infrared Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

Volume 62, Number 11 (Nov. 2008) Page 1216-1220

Morita, Shigeaki; Hattori, Eiji; Kitagawa, Kuniyuki

Both a flow of water vapor generated from a humidification device and stable water vapor at constant moisture were successfully visualized by near-infrared (NIR) laser absorption spectroscopy. Two different types of optical arrangement for two-dimensional (2D) imaging, i.e., one-wavelength reflection and two-wavelength transmission, were tested. A flow of water vapor within a wide view range was clearly visualized by the former, while low content of stable water vapor was quantitatively detected by the latter. It was demonstrated that a detection limit of 0.8 g·m−3 was achieved by means of the 2D-NIR imaging system developed in the present study.