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A Compact Wide-Range Spectrometer with Image Intensifier: Unexpected Advantages, New Functions, and a Variety of Applications

Volume 66, Number 5 (May 2012) Page 496-509


Gated intensified spectrometers are very efficient instruments not only in time-resolved applications but also in all other fields were traditional non-gated and non-intensified devices are so popular today. This paper describes the design and performance of a simple, reliable, and relatively inexpensive wide-range gated intensified spectrometer that was conceived as a prototype for volume production. With 200–900 nm spectral range, 3 ns temporal resolution, variable optical gain up to 4000, repetition rate up to 200 kHz, spectral resolution 2 nm (0.9 nm with deconvolution), and affordable price, such a device may be useful for budget research laboratories working in the fields of cell biology, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, molecular kinetics, plasma diagnostics, materials characterization, combustion analysis, and forensic analysis.

Index Headings: Gated spectrometer; Wide-range spectrometer; Time-resolved spectroscopy; Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy; LIBS; Deconvolution; Optical gain; Modulation-sensitive spectroscopy; Sensitivity.