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Time-Resolved Principal Component Imaging Analysis of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Induction for Monitoring Leaf Water Stress

Volume 67, Number 6 (June 2013) Page 594-599


Chlorophyll fluorescence induction is widely applied to investigate plant growth conditions by calculating the ratio of its intensity at oxidized and reduced states. We examined the applicability of a time-resolved profile of chlorophyll fluorescence induction with the aid of multivariate analysis to monitor the leaf water stress. Principal component (PC) analysis of time-resolved images of chlorophyll fluorescence induction and their score images were reconstructed. Control leaves (non-stressed leaves) and water-stressed leaves could be classified by normalized PC3 score images. This technique has the potential to monitor the water stress condition of plants by using a simple device.

Index Headings: Chlorophyll fluorescence; Imaging analysis; Principal component analysis; Time dependency; Water stress.