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Emission Spectroscopy Without Emulsion Calibration Curve. The Spectro-nomograph Chart

Volume 18, Number 6 (Nov. 1964) Page 175-179

Trandafir, Nicolae

The spectrographic properties of the sample and the characteristics of the photographic emulsion can be taken into account simultaneously through a parameter, α, representing the slope of the analytical curve. This paper describes an analytical procedure (the parametric method) that introduces into the calculation α of the function instead of γ of the photographic emulsion. This substitution of parameters leads to automation of the spectrochemical calculations. The unknown concentration of an element can be calculated with a standard formula, free of γ by making use of a digital computer or by plotting analytical curves on the "Spectro-nomograph" chart directly from transmissions. In both cases this technique eliminates the determination of the intensity ratios. The principles of the method and the mathematical derivation of the chart are given.