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Spectrochemical Analysis of High Nickel Alloys by the Point-to-Plane Spark Technique Using a Direct Reading Spectrometer

Volume 19, Number 1 (Jan. 1965) Page 35-36

Marlow, Frank S.

Analysis of high nickel alloys for purposes of quality control and alloy certification has been adapted to a 2.5 meter Wadsworth - mounted spectrometer. Samples are received as forgings and bar stock and prepared by machining a clean flat surface at least ½ inch in diameter

[Table 1]

and by use of a wet belt sander for high voltage spark excitation. The analytical curves are prepared by repetitive sparking of NBS Standards No. 161, 169, 162a, 349, 1188, 1189, 1191; INCO Standards (secondary) N 4405A, NX 980, NX 1476, NX 1395, NX 1285, M 2946B, M 2987B, M 3005B; and Haynes Stellite Co. Standards CL 3601, CL 3616, CL 3638, X 04044, X 04232, X 14241 (1). Variations in the nickel concentration of standards and samples show very little effect on the precision and accuracy obtained so long as appropriate standards in the range of interest are used.