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Determination of Lead in Gasoline by X-Ray Fluorescence Using an Internal Intensity Reference

Volume 19, Number 3 (May 1965) Page 99-102

Gunn, E.L.

The determination of lead additive in blended gasoline is one of several process control tests which is routinely required to determine that the finished product meets the specification which has been set up for the particular fuel. Chemical procedures traditionally have been used as methods of test for determining the lead content of blended gasolines. Such tests inherently require a significant amount of effort and time. Furthermore, if a more rapid shortcut chemical method is applied, it may prove unsuccessful for recovering and measuring total lead where the lead occurs in combination with certain alkyl radicals. An instrumental method in which lead is determined by its x-ray fluorescence property is independent of the type of alkyl combination. It also has advantages in speed and simplicity over a chemical method since the analysis is made directly on the gasoline sample with no preliminary separation steps being required.