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Suppression of Selective Volatilization in a Method for the Spectrographic Analysis of Lanthanum

Volume 20, Number 2 (April 1966) Page 107-112

Whitehead, A.B.; Piper, B.C.; Heady, H.H.

The effects of electrode type, are current, and the Stallwood Jet on selective distillation of impurities other than rare earths in La2O3 are evaluated. Selective volatilization is reduced by use of a 20-A dc arc with a ⅛-in.-diam electrode. An analytical method incorporating these operating conditions is presented for 19 impurity elements in La2O3 prepared from the lanthanum metal sample. The overall precision is about ±14% relative standard deviation over the concentration range of 30 to 1000 parts per million.