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Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Based MCM-EDTA-Tb3+-MES Sensor

Volume 62, Number 6 (June 2008) Page 604-610

Smith, Clint B.; Anderson, John E.; Massaro, Richard D.; Tatineni, Balaji; Kam, Kinson C.; Tepper, Gary C.

An in situ mesopourous surface imprinted polymeric (SIP) sensor was synthesized for a highly sensitive, selective, and kinetically faster detection of the high-vapor-pressure nerve gas surrogate methyl salicylate (MES). Visual detection occurred on the filtrate thin films at 25 pM. Other nerve gas surrogates, TP, DMP, DMMP, PMP, and 1,4-thioxane, were tested and showed a decrease in sensitivity compared to MES. In addition, 2,6-dipicolinic acid (DPA), a biological indicator, was also investigated and showed a decrease in sensitivity compared to MES. Finally, the detection plateau was reached at 40 s and at 1.5 × 10−4 M from pH 6-11.