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Fluorescence of Optical Materials Stimulated by ArF Laser Radiation at 193 nm

Volume 34, Number 6 (Dec. 1980) Page 627-632

Wren, David J.

The fluorescence spectra of four optical materials (S1-UV quartz, UV grade sapphire, MgF2, and BaF2) have been recorded using ArF laser radiation at 193 nm (6.4 eV) as an excitation source. The time-resolved fluorescence intensities have also been measured at several wavelengths using a transient digitizer with 2 ns resolution. All of the materials exhibit a fast fluorescence which follows the exciting laser pulse and has a lifetime τR < 7 ± 2 ns. This fast fluorescence is present as a broad continum from 200 to 1000 nm with maxima in the UV and the IR. In addition, there are fluorescence components with longer lifetimes which are characteristic of the individual materials. The results suggest further opportunities for study of optical materials using ArF lasers and indicate an area of caution to be exercised by experimentalists employing ArF lasers for excitation experiments.