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Preparation and Use of Powdered Silver Chloride as Infrared Matrix

Volume 20, Number 4 (Aug. 1966) Page 251-251

Spittler, T.M.; Jaselskis, Bruno

Recently, Metzler described a technique for preparation of inexpensive silver chloride disks for use in running infrared spectra of aqueous samples. There are problems involved in preparing finely divided silver chloride, and little or no use has been made of this material as an infrared matrix. Because of the several disadvantages to the standard potassium bromide pelleting technique—hygroscopicity, fragility of pellets, possible reactivity of potassium bromide with the sample, and poor storage characteristics—we have found it useful to prepare pellets from powdered silver chloride. The presence of moisture and reactivity of the sample with matrix make potassium bromide undesirable, and an alternate matrix for pelleting samples would be highly advantageous.