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Bausch Lomb-ARL: Where We Come From, Who We Are

Volume 35, Number 2 (April 1981) Page 226-235

Eklund, Robert L.

Remembering where we came from, points out author Alex Haley in Roots, helps us know who we are today. The roots of spectroscopy are closely intertwined with those of Bausch & Lomb-ARL, known to the industry for more than 45 years as Applied Research Laboratories. A member of Bausch & Lomb's Instrument Group, ARL today is a major multinational supplier of spectrochemical instruments in the optical emission, inductively coupled plasma (ICP), X-ray fluorescence and diffraction, microanalysis, and scanning electron microscopy fields. Its story begins with a graduate student's dream—which, unlike most dreams, came true.