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Infrared Cell for Reactive Gases

Volume 21, Number 1 (Feb. 1967) Page 44-45

Bartoszek, Edward J.; Mackley, Charles J.; Gardner, David M.

In the course of our work with reactive fluorine compounds, we have had some difficulties in determining the infrared absorption spectra of many reactive gaseous compounds by using the common metal cell made of stainless steel, monel, or nickel. For example, we have observed that with a metal cell it is very important to pretreat the cell carefully with fluorine or other appropriate gases; otherwise the sample will decompose appreciably by reaction with oxides or hydrates on the metal. Corrosion is always a problem, and the proper assembly of a metal cell is critical to provide gas-tight seals without excessive strain on fragile cell windows. In addition, silver chloride windows require special gaskets to prevent a rapid etching of the window by electrolytic action of the silver chloride in contact with the metal.