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A Multifunctional Spinning Cell for Obtaining Raman Spectra of Micro Samples in the Backscattering Geometry

Volume 35, Number 2 (April 1981) Page 215-217

Rodgers, Edward G.; Strommen, Dennis P.

In Raman spectroscopy it is frequently desirable to reduce the power density of the laser focused on the sample in order to preserve the sample and/or to reduce thermally generated noise in the signal. This is particularly the case with thermally unstable molecules and with samples which strongly absorb the incident radiation. In attempting to obtain resonance or preresonance Raman spectra of biological molecules, one often faces the choice of flowing the sample, a technique useful where large volumes are available; or rotating the sample, when smaller amounts of material are present. As an alternative to spinning or flowing the sample, a recent article in this journal suggested the use of a line focus in backscattering rather than a point focus in order to minimize the problem of local heating. We currently use a line source but have found that for many samples we still must circulate or rotate the sample. Also, with biological preparations consideration of cost often requires the use of small volumes. Presented with this situation in our laboratory, we have designed and manufactured a relatively simple spinning cell with some interesting and useful features.