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The Use of the Infrared-Active AgI Phonon Mode in AgI-type Ionic Conductors to Study Order-Disorder Phenomena

Volume 35, Number 2 (April 1981) Page 217-219

Ferraro, John R.; Walling, P. Labonville

Several new ionic conductors of the type RHI·AgI, where R = substituted pyridinium group, were recently synthesized. Conductivity studies made at high pressures demonstrated diverse responses in the ionic conductivity. Some conductors showed a maxima in ionic conductivity, while others manifested a decrease or were unresponsive to the application of pressure. These changes in conductivity were found to occur without any noticeable phase transitions, as determined by visual microscopic observation, and presumably involve only subtle lattice modifications. It has been suggested that these pressure-induced modifications in the lattice could cause redistributions in the population of different Ag ion sites, and provide more facile ion transport with consequent increased conductivity. The importance of such lattice modifications as one of the criteria for increased conductivity has been cited for related ionic conductors.