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Adsorbate-Substrate Interaction: A Raman Study of Pyridine Adsorbed on -Al2O3 at Very Low Coverages

Volume 35, Number 2 (April 1981) Page 220-222

Heaviside, J.; Hendra, P.J.; Paul, S.O.; Freeman, J.J.; Friedman, R.M.

Several investigations of the interaction of pyridine with alumina surfaces are reported in the literature. Classical titrimetric and gravimetric techniques have been combined to monitor the acidity of surfaces prepared by various activation procedures. In addition, pyridine has been commonly used as a molecular probe in infrared adsorption studies on the nature and number of various acidic species on oxides, including γ-Al2O3. Raman spectroscopy has been used to clarify and reinforce the conclusions derived from the infrared investigations. In this note we report Raman vibrational spectra of pyridine adsorbed on γ-Al2O3 over a wide range of coverages. The results obtained, especially at very low coverages, yield new insights into the nature of chemisorption on the acidic sites of the substrate.