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Simple Interchangeable Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Use in Atomic-Absorption Spectrometry

Volume 21, Number 1 (Feb. 1967) Page 39-42

Goodfellow, G.I.

Hollow-cathode lamps have been used almost exclusively as emission sources in atomic-absorption spectrometry. Although the lamps have been mainly the sealed-off type, two reports by Koirtyohann et al. refer to an interchangeable cathode lamp constructed from metal with a continuous inert-gas flow. Interchangeable cathode lamps are extremely useful for laboratories engaged in varying types of analysis, particularly of the "one-off" type. This note describes the performance, based on four years of experience, of the flow-through type of lamp shown in Fig. 1, and illustrates the ease with which stable hollow-cathode discharges can be obtained from a variety of cathode materials. The flow-through system avoids the outgassing steps necessary for the preparation of sealed lamps and, therefore, enables cathodes to be quickly interchanged.