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New Raman Spectrometer Using a Digital Micromirror Device and a Photomultiplier Tube Detector for Rapid On-Line Industrial Analysis. Part I: Description of the Prototype and Preliminary Results

Volume 62, Number 3 (March 2008) Page 273-278

Quyen, Nguyen The; Da Silva, Edouard; Dao, Nguyen Quy; Jouan, Michel D.

In this paper, a prototype of a new generation of Raman spectrometers, based on the use of a monochromator, a digital micromirror device as light modulator, and a photomultiplier tube as detector of the Raman light, is described. This spectrometer, containing no moving parts, is inexpensive, robust, and very precise. New in concept, this spectrometer makes it possible to record, in addition to classical Raman spectra, the intensity at several selected points of the spectrum and/or the total intensity in several selected intervals at the same time with great accuracy, thus giving new possibilities for analytical applications. Also, the work presented demonstrates the possibilities of this very simple prototype for rapid on-line industrial analysis, with an example of quantitative analysis of binary and ternary mixtures of xylene isomers. The precision obtained is satisfactory (errors of prediction ∼3% in 5-6 seconds per sample).