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Spectrochemical Study on the Thermal History of Fatty-Acid Aluminum Salts

Volume 21, Number 2 (April 1967) Page 65-70

Gordon, J.M.; Berger, R.S.

The chemistry of fatty-acid aluminum salts, particularly stearates, was studied in polypropylene, liquid hydrocarbons, and fluorocarbons. Heating results in a series of related events. The distearate carboxylate coordination bonds are altered from crosslinked to intramolecular, and the Al-O-Al bond is weakened or broken. Stearic acid, which is formed as the aluminum distearate decomposes, changes rapidly from the dimer to the less stable monomer form, with a heat of conversion of 4.9 kcal/mole. The conversion of stearic acid dimer to monomer is unaffected by the presence of the aluminum coordination bonds.