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Determination of Lead in Aqueous and Organic Media by Atomic-Absorption Spectroscopy

Volume 21, Number 3 (June 1967) Page 160-164

Chakrabarti, Chuni L.

The sensitivities of lead in aqueous and organic media by atomic-absorption spectroscopy using lead lines 2170 Å, 2833 Å, and 4058 Å, and an oxy-hydrogen or oxy-acetylene flame were studied. When lead in aqueous solution was complexed as K2PbI6 and the complex extracted into methyl isopropyl ketone, a threefold increase in sensitivity relative to the aqueous solution of lead (as lead nitrate) was obtained. Using a 178-mm-long adapter on the top of a Beckman integral aspirator-burner (oxy-hydrogen), a sensitivity (in ppm/1% absorption) of 0.007 and a standard deviation of 0.014 ppm were obtained with a sample containing 0.1 ppm lead. Results obtained with oxy-hydrogen and oxy-acetylene flames have been discussed, and the precision and detection limits indicated. A procedure to determine lead in ppb-ppm level by extracting lead as K2PbI6 in methyl isopropyl ketone has been prescribed.