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Wide Range Two-crystal Vacuum X-ray Spectrometer for Chemical State Analysis

Volume 36, Number 2 (April 1982) Page 171-174

Gohshi, Y.; Kamada, H.; Kohra, K.; Utaka, T.; Arai, T.

The design and construction of a new two-crystal x-ray spectrometer are described together with the observed Mg Kα, Al Kα, Si Kα, S Kα, and Cu Kα1 spectra. The spectrometer is designed for x-ray fluorescence analysis and has a wide scanning range (2° to 146° 2θ) under vacuum. Excellent reproducibility of 0.4 s in are is attainable, which makes possible the observation of chemical shifts in x-ray spectra. Magnesium Kα was found to be influenced by the coordination number, proving that the spectrometer is useful for chemical state analysis.