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Goniometer Stop for Use with Large Sample Chamber in G.E. X-RD5 X-Ray Spectrograph

Volume 21, Number 6 (Dec. 1967) Page 424-424

Johnson, Harold A.

When the large sample chamber offered by Buick Motors is substituted for the regular sample holder with the General Electric X-RD5 x-ray spectrograph, the SPG preamplifier and counter chassis may strike the sample chamber when the goniometer is set for increase scan. With the regular sample holder and the stop bolt in the right-hand position, the goniometer stops at 148° (=2ϕ); in contrast, with the large chamber the counter chassis strikes it on an increase scan at 136°. Substitution of the illustrated bumper (Fig. 1) machined from 1/2-in. aluminum rod for the one provided with the goniometer increase-scan limiting switch stops the counter chassis at 136° just short of the large sample holder. The two existing 4-40 Allen-head set screws need only be removed, the illustrated bumper substituted, the screws replaced, and the stop inserted in the usual 148° position.