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A Simple Modification to Increase Stability of a Linear Flashlamp-pumped Dye Laser

Volume 36, Number 3 (June 1982) Page 327-328

DeWilde, Mark A.; Decker, Leon J.

It was determined by FitzPatrick and Piepmeier that the beam from a CMX-4 dye laser (Chromatix, Sunnyvale, CA) was most reproducible when the dye temperature was from 0.5°C cooler than the ellipsoidal cavity water to 2.0°C warmer. The CMX-4 is factory designed for tap water cooling, through heat exchangers, of two separate closed fluid loops. One loop contains deionized water used to cool the laser flashtube, the other loop contains the laser dye. To maintain the proper temperature relationship, the aforementioned authors used two regulated heating/cooling systems, one on each closed loop. We have found that rerouting the deionized water leaving the flashtube cavity of the laser through the dye-loop exchanger, in lieu of tap water, maintains the desired temperature relationship without the need of any special heating/cooling systems.