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X-Ray Fluorescence Determination of Composition and Thickness of NickelIronCobalt Thin Films: Application of Solution Techniques

Volume 21, Number 5 (Oct. 1967) Page 286-290

Cocozza, E.P.; Ferguson, A.

In computer-memory technology, it is important to know the composition and thickness of nickel-iron-cobalt thin films. These parameters affect the magnetic properties of the films and must be determined accurately for evaluation purposes. An x-ray fluorescence procedure was used in this work. Nickel-iron-cobalt thin-film standards were developed by a solution technique. Thin films in the approximate composition range of 79% Ni, 18% Fe, and 3% Co and thickness range of 600-1300 Å were analyzed. Precision of the thin-film compositional analysis yields coefficients of variation of ±0.02% for Ni, ±0.12% for Fe, and ±0.43% for Co. Accuracy is 0.04% for Ni, and 0.17% for Fe, and 0.34% for Co. Precision of the thickness measurement yields a coefficient of variation of ±0.2%. Accuracy, checked against optical interferometric data, is ±10 to 20 Å (∼1%-2% at the 1000-Å level).