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Determination of Nickel and Iron in NickelIron Alloys and Solutions: X-Ray Emission Spectroscopic, and Chemical Methods

Volume 21, Number 5 (Oct. 1967) Page 290-297

Chow, E.T-K.; Cocozza, E.P.

In magnetic thin-film work, nickel-iron alloys (approximately 80% Ni) and solutions of such alloys must be analyzed for nickel and iron in low-milligram quantities accurately, precisely, and rapidly. A precise, rapid x-ray-emission spectroscopic technique for the analysis of nickel-iron and an accurate, precise, analytical method for calibration of the x-ray data are presented. The methods provide an effective analysis of evaporated nickel-iron thin film in the 500-2500-Å region. Preparation of standard solutions for the x-ray method, interference effects of impurities, accuracy and precision of the method, and comparison of it with other analytical methods are discussed. The precision is shown to be ±0.1%; accuracy is a function of the calibration method. The investigation and evaluation of various analytical calibration methods are described. The results indicate that dimethylglyoxime precipitation of nickel and ćerate potentiometric titration of iron meet the requisite of ±0.2% relative accuracy. Relative accuracy and precision of ±0.1% for iron and ±0.2% for nickel were obtained.