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An Accurate Pressure Measurement Method for Solution Studies in the Diamond Anvil Cell in the 0 to 6 Kbar Range

Volume 36, Number 3 (June 1982) Page 302-306

Hill, Randal M.; Christian, Sherril D.

A technique has been developed for accurately inferring pressure in the diamond anvil cell in the relatively low pressure range of 0 to 6 kbar. The method is directly applicable to dilute solution studies using hydrocarbon solvents. A procedure is described for using the method with more concentrated solutions and with moderately polar organic solvents. The frequency shift of anthracene absorbance in five hydrocarbon solvents has been measured in the 0 to 2 kbar range and extended to 6 kbar. Pressures in this range were measured in the diamond anvil cell as a function of applied load. Results indicated serious difficulties in correlating pressure and applied load. A pronounced hysteresis was also observed.