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Deconvolution of the Lorentzian Linewidth and Determination of Fraction Lorentzian Character from the Observed Profile of a Raman Line by a Comparison Technique

Volume 36, Number 3 (June 1982) Page 250-257

Asthana, B.P.; Kiefer, W.

We report on a simple method to derive the Lorentzian linewidth of a Raman line as well as its fraction Lorentzian character. The method is based on the experimental determination of the bandwidths at half maximum obtained from recorded Raman and plasma lines with same spectrometer slit settings. From the ratio of the two half bandwidths, the Lorentzian Raman linewidth can be easily derived from the given table. This table was compiled by explicit calculations of Voigt profiles. The fraction Lorentzian character, needed for instance for Raman difference spectroscopy, can be obtained directly from this table to a good accuracy.