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ICP Emission Spectrometry: On the Selection of Analytical Lines, Line Coincidence Tables, and Wavelength Tables

Volume 36, Number 3 (June 1982) Page 210-221

Winge, R.K.; Fassel, V.A.; Peterson, V.J.; Floyd, M.A.

A thorough knowledge of the spectral emission characteristics of the inductively coupled plasma is a prerequisite for its maximum utilization in atomic emission spectroscopy. Toward this end an Atlas of Spectral Information for Inductively Coupled Plasma, Atomic Emission Spectroscopy has been assembled to provide the analyst with the basic information concerning the analytical capabilities and the potential spectral interferences of the prominent spectral lines of 70 elements. The Atlas contains 232 wavelength scans of 70 elements covering the range of 189 to 517 nm (189 to 597 nm for sodium and the reference blank). The Atlas also contains a listing of 973 prominent lines with estimated detection limits and a detailed collection of coincidence profiles for 281 of the most prominent lines, each with profiles of ten of the most prevalent concomitant elements superimposed. This paper contains a survey of the spectral information contained in the Atlas.