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Simple Helium Enclosure for Increasing Diffraction-Line Detectability with a G.E. XRD-5 Diffractometer

Volume 22, Number 3 (June 1968) Page 211-212

Johnson, Harold A.

Various means may be used to improve the detectability of an x-ray diffractometer, such as using pulse-height selection, etc. One method of increasing detectability is that of using a helium path instead of an air path for the x-rays. A graph comparing the detectability of diffraction-line intensities in a helium path to that in an air path for various wavelengths is given in Fig. 1. Chromium K alpha (CrKα) radiation is used for greater dispersion of large d spacings such as are encountered in many organic compounds. The graph in Fig. 1. indicates that the detectability for CrKα is increased approximately 2½ times by using a helium path instead of an air path. A description follows for a simple method of constructing a helium enclosure for the G.E. XRD-5 diffractometer.