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Librational Modes of Water in Zinc Formate Dihydrate

Volume 36, Number 4 (Aug. 1982) Page 441-445

Tewari, G.D.; Tayal, V.P.; Khandelwal, D.P.; Bist, H.D.

The infrared spectra of zinc formate dihydrate are presented for the region 1000 to 400 cm−1 along with the laser-excited Raman spectra. With the use of the corresponding IR and Raman spectra for the deuterated and anhydrous samples and their temperature dependence (between 300 to 90 K), two sets of bands for the in-plane bending mode of formate ion and all the three librations of water have been identified corresponding to two types of formate and water in the unit cell. The large shift of the formate v3 mode in going from the hydrate to the deuterate has been attributed to a dynamic interaction of this mode with the close-lying H2O rocking mode.