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Method of Cutting a Diffraction Grating

Volume 22, Number 3 (June 1968) Page 210-210

Lipsett, F.R.

Owing to an error in specifications, a plane-reflection grating recently received in our laboratory was found to be too long. This caused vignetting of a light beam in the monochromator in which the grating was to be used, with a consequent loss of transmitted light. Because of the cost and delivery time incurred in obtaining the grating, it was there-fore desired to cut it. It was, of course, essential that the ruled surface of the grating remain undamaged during the cutting operation. Since a diamond saw was to be used, it was also essential that the lubricant used with the saw be prevented from reaching the rulings. The lubricant contained a wetting agent which penetrated most common adhesives, and finding a satisfactory adhesive was one of the main difficulties encountered. However, after a number of trials the following method of cutting the grating without damage was found.