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Improved Performance of a Plasma Jet Equipped with an Inexpensive Atomizer

Volume 22, Number 3 (June 1968) Page 195-197

Szivek, John; Jones, Cyril; Paulson, Eleanor J.; Valberg, Leslie S.

The erratic performance of the plasma jet in the analysis of magnesium in blood plasma was found to arise from the accumulation of residue in the atomization annulus. This problem was circumvented by the use of an inexpensive Zeiss atomizer which was easily dismantled and cleaned. The plasma jet, equipped with this atomizer, was successfully applied to the routine analysis of magnesium in blood plasma. Compared to both medium and large-bore Beckman atomizers the Zeiss atomizer provided similar sensitivity and greatly improved repeatability. The plasma jet, equipped with a Zeiss atomizer, may be universally applicable to the analysis of many solutions, particularly those containing salts in high concentration.