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Low-Frequency Vibrations of Some Organotrichlorosilanes

Volume 22, Number 3 (June 1968) Page 153-160

Durig, J.R.; Hellams, K.L.

The far infrared (33-500 cm−1) spectra of a series of organotrichlorosilanes have been recorded. The Raman spectra (0-600 cm−1) have also been measured and the relative intensity and depolarization values of lines are tabulated. The spectra have been interpreted in detail and some low-frequency "group frequencies" are proposed for the SiCl3 moiety. The infrared (3200-33 cm−1) and Raman (0-3200 cm−1) spectra of α-chlorovinyltrichlorosilane have been recorded and a complete vibrational assignment is presented. Torsional oscillations of the SiCl3 group were observed for two of the molecules; barriers of 1.7 kcal/mole and 2.7 kcal/mole were calculated for the motion around the C-Si bonds of the vinyltrichlorosilane and the ethyltrichlorosilane molecules, respectively. The results are briefly discussed. Thermodynamic properties have been calculated for the latter two molecules.