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High-resolution Glass Capillary Gas Chromatography with a Metastable Transfer Emission Spectrometry Detector

Volume 36, Number 5 (Oct. 1982) Page 597-598

Mach, Martin H.; Sutton, David G.; Melzer, James E.

Previous publications from this laboratory have demonstrated the utility of metastable transfer emission spectrometry (MTES) for the detection of hydrocarbons, oxy- and phosphoorganics, metal alkyls, and hydrides. MTES is a gas-phase technique in which the compounds of interest react with active nitrogen, produced by a microwave discharge, to yield chemiluminescent reaction products. For example, carbon-, oxygen-, and phosphorous-containing compounds are detected after reacting with active nitrogen at 8 to 30 Torr by monitoring the following emission lines:

—C— + active nitrogen → CN(B2Σ+X2Σ+), 383 to 388 nm

R—O—H + active nitrogen → OH(A2Σ+X2Π), 302.2 nm

—P— + active nitrogen → PN(A2Π → X2Σ), 251.8 nm