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Technique for Microspark Emission Spectroscopy

Volume 22, Number 3 (June 1968) Page 188-191

Garbini, Leo J.; Mooney, John B.; Schoder, Carl E.

The analyst is frequently confronted with the problem of analyzing a microscopic local area in a heterogeneous sample. A rapid, inexpensive technique has been developed to analyze a spot as small as 50 μ in diameter with an emission spectrograph. The only accessories required are a microscope, some transparent tape, and a sharp needle. The tape is placed on the sample surface and a hole is punctured at the spot to be analyzed while viewing the sample through the microscope. The sample is then excited with a very short spark in the spectrograph. Using a very fast film it has been possible to make qualitative analyses for both major, and minor constituents of a spot as small as 50 μ in diameter on a conducting sample.