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Infrared Microspectroscopic Imaging Using a Large Radius Germanium Internal Reflection Element and a Focal Plane Array Detector

Volume 61, Number 11 (Nov. 2007) Page 1147-1152

Patterson, Brian M.; Havrilla, George J.; Marcott, Curtis; Story, Gloria M.

Previously, we established the ability to collect infrared microspectroscopic images of large areas using a large radius hemisphere internal reflection element (IRE) with both a single point and a linear array detector. In this paper, preliminary work in applying this same method to a focal plane array (FPA) infrared imaging system is demonstrated. Mosaic tile imaging using a large radius germanium hemispherical IRE on a FPA Fourier transform infrared microscope imaging system can be used to image samples nearly 1.5 mm × 2 mm in size. A polymer film with a metal mask is imaged using this method for comparison to previous work. Images of hair and skin samples are presented, highlighting the complexity of this method. Comparisons are made between the linear array and FPA methods.