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Infrared Method for the Determination of Phenanthrene in Anthracene

Volume 22, Number 4 (Aug. 1968) Page 338-339

Szap, Peter C.; Utynok, William R.

A rapid analytical procedure combining infrared-and ultraviolet-spectrophotometric techniques has been developed for the quantitative determination of 0.1%-15% phenanthrene in industrial grade anthracene. In principle, an infrared survey of the sample is obtained in a potassium bromide matrix and the relative band intensities are calculated at 1315 cm−1 (7.60 μ) for anthracene and at 822 cm−1 (12.17 μ) for phenanthrene. By using this band ratio in conjunction with the anthracene content as previously determined by a standard ultraviolet-spectrophotometric procedure, the phenanthrene concentration is calculated.