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Study of NH Frequencies in Some Metal-Halide Chelates of O-Phenylenediamine

Volume 22, Number 4 (Aug. 1968) Page 310-312

Coakley, Mary P.

The infrared studies in connection with the bidentate complexes of o-phenylenediamine were directed toward the study of N-H vibrations. Similar investigations have been undertaken with regard to the N-H stretching and bending vibrations of aniline and α-naphthylamine. Deuteration studies were made. As a result of these studies and by comparison with the assignment of frequencies made in the above mentioned investigations, stretching, scissors, and wagging frequencies are assigned to the chelates of o-phenylenediamine. The absorption in the region of ND2 wagging vibrations of the deuterated palladium complex failed to show splitting and therefore coupling with the C-H out-of-plane vibrations, as was evident in the spectra of the corresponding complexes of α-napthylamine and aniline.