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Simultaneous Emission/Absorption Analysis in Constant Temperature Furnace Atomic Spectroscopy

Volume 36, Number 6 (Dec. 1982) Page 686-689

Jenke, Dennis R.; Woodriff, Ray

Historically, analyses performed by atomic spectroscopy have been accomplished by measurement of the emission or absorption of light by an analyte species. The ability to measure both effects simultaneously may have some important applications in routine analysis (especially with respect to increasing linear dynamic response) and in the study of the atomization process. Utilization of a modified BECS background emission correction system developed by Dewalt and associates for furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy and a pulsed hollow cathode light source allows for the measurement of both analyte emission and absorption. The utilization of the Woodriff design constant temperature furnace atomizer as an atomic absorption source is well documented; its ability to produce atomic emission has been recently reported. Coupling of the furnace with the described electronics results in a system capable of producing highly accurate analyses over a wide concentration range.